Himalayan Ascent

Himalayan Ascent

We are adventurers. We are defiantly curious. We keep looking, until the world looks back. While others dream, we do. While others look, we leap. We do not fear. Because we have one spin on Earth. And we refuse to spin in place.

Blessed at Pangboche 7AM

We began yesterday by visiting the construction site of the Khumbu Climbing School. Once complete, the school will house aspiring guides training with local and international climbing guides. Lakpa has often volunteered his time as head guide during the winter training sessions.

Team Garrett summit Ama Dablam 3PM

More topouts on Ama Dablam with Garrett successfully leading his team to the top this morning. They moved from Camp 2.7 to reach the summit at 10.30am. Meanwhile Lakpa is enjoying some extended rest time in Ama Dablam base camp waiting for the arrival of Pat Hollingworth's group who are acclimatising on Lobuche East. Pat's and Sumit's groups shared Lobuche East base camp together a few nights ago.

Summits on old faithful Lobuche East 5PM

Both Sumit's (Very Best of Everest) and Pat's groups have summited Lobuche East, Pat's yesterday and Sumit's the day before. For Sumit's team, it was their first stab at mountaineering and they all did amazing! After resting an extra day at Lobuche base camp, they are now on their way to the Gokyo valley via Cho La pass. Sumit, however, has had his mountain fix and is now on his way back to Kathmandu to answer emails and meet office demands. He's left the group in the very capable hands of Jangbu.

Team Pat on way to Camp 2 15-11-12 9AM

Pat's Ama Dablam team are on their way to the infamous Camp 2 (i.e. a tiny rock ledge on top of a pillar) for their summit attempt. They acclimatized on Lobuche East and are now making a direct attempt on the summit without the need to rotate multiple times on the mountain. They aim to be on the summit on Nov 17. You can follow Pat's updates here: http://humanedgetech.com/expedition/pa2/

Pat's team successfully topped out on Ama Dablam today with Lakpa, now celebrating his 20th on the Khumbu darling!! They moved from Camp 2.7 and reached the summit at 12pm. They'll be back at base camp tomorrow.

1st summit on Parchermo 4PM

Chris Burke made the first summit of Parchermo (6273m) for Himalaya Ascent with Jangbu and Pasang on November 18th! Chris is already heading towards Ama Dablam base camp now for her next adventure on our favourite mountain with Lakpa.

Diane's Khumbu adventures 9AM

Read Pt 1 of Diane Westaway's adventures in the Khumbu (Ama Dablam/Lobuche) with us.

Chris Burke achieved her 1st summit on Ama Dablam with Lakpa (his 21st!!!!) on Nov 29th. Ama Dablam has been a goal of Chris' for a while after sickness foiled her 1st attempt in 2010. Feeling fit off Parchermo this time around, Chris topped out in good spirits, even after they were pushed back to base camp during the 1st summit bid by strong winds. Due to the lateness in the season, Chris enjoyed the mountain alone without other teams. A real treat as Ama Dablam is a popular peak in autumn.

We're on the eve of kicking off our Everest and Lhotse spring 2013 season! We're super excited this year to be leading an expedition on Lhotse alongside our annual Everest trip.

Everest and Lhotse spring 8AM

The excitement is building. Pack bags and drums (tick), last minute errands (tick), fuel up on protein and desserts (tick tick), fly out to Lukla without hiccups (tick tick tick !!). And they are off. The team is a few days behind the Canadian Lhotse team who are already in Namche.

Happy to be in Lukla 6PM

Nice and cold in Lukla…down jackets already at 2800m.

1st rotation to Camp 7PM

Our teams have officially started their rotations. Margaret and Warren with Ang Kaji and Dendi are currently resting up at Camp 1 (6100m). They set off early this morning around 3am and reached the top of the icefall at 10am. Meanwhile, Chris and the Canadians with Lakpa and Cherring left a day ahead to Camp 1. Today they climbed across the Western Cwn for lunch at Camp 2, and returned back to Camp 1 for the night. Both teams will be back at base camp on Monday after climbing up to Camp 2.