Happy to be in Lukla 6PM

Nice and cold in Lukla…down jackets already at 2800m.

We're on the eve of kicking off our Everest and Lhotse spring 2013 season! We're super excited this year to be leading an expedition on Lhotse alongside our annual Everest trip.

The Himalayan Ascent Spring season is fast drawing to a close. The fundraising team of “Everest One” for Sharon Cohrs made a successful round trip to EBC and back. Thirteen Australian trekkers joined Sharon and Allan for Sharon’s “Climbing For a Cause” charity for a 16 day trip into the Khumbu valley.

Life down the valley at Pangboche. Sumit, Raul, Allan, Sharon and Chris (me)(accompanied by Rabin, our trusted cook) are today finishing our rest down the valley at Pangboche, a village not far from the base of the beloved Ama Dablam (6,812m).As we look out our windows of the lodge each morning, Ama Dablam greets us, with open arms.The team has been in Pangboche for 4 nights / 5 days and with the increased oxygenation at this altitude (3,850m) we have noticed our appetites increase dramatically and sleep has come with ease. This is important preparation for the work ahead. Carbohydrates have been consumed aplenty and apple ?felters? (fritters) have been a big hit with the team.The weather here in Pangboche has been changeable, somewhat wet and cold at times, so the team has taken advantage of the lodgings and spent time listening to music, watching DVDs and drinking beverages and eating ? a lot. Rabin walked to Namche Bazaar yesterday to collect some supplies and returned in the evening with some extra treats ? chocolate from Namche and cake from Tengboche Bakery!With the weather being changeable and us being somewhat confined to the lodge, we have all been a bit ?hyper?. Raul, however, is ?Mr Laidback? and is happy watching DVDs.

Heading for Camp 2&3 3.45PM

After spending 7 days up in the mountain, we have enjoyed the last two days relaxing here at our base camp and enjoying the great meals prepared by Rabin. Our trip up to camp 2 and 3 was very successful. We left our base camp on the 23rd and spent the night at camp 1. Next day we had a great day walk to Camp 2. I had an opportunity to show my group, what to do if you fall off 5 ladders crossing in one of the biggest crevasses between camp 1 and 2.Our camp 2 is located on the top section and sits on a bit of height compare to most other camps. We have a great view down the western Cwm and also get to watch everyone that passes through on their way to Camp 3.

Base Camp News 3PM

Hi, finally I have got some time to write something up quick. We have been in our base camp for a week now. Things are going really well so far, lots of work settling on to base camp. The trek up to base camp was fun with Sion, Lahmu and Anna who joined us on our walk. There were lots of laugh shared, which are missed by us all here since they went back.The group is focusing on keeping healthy and trying to stay well acclimatises for the climb. Trying to make base camp as comfortable as we can, all the ipads, macbooks, iphones are getting a good use as a personal dvd watching device.

Rest day at Namche Bazaar 9.30AM

Namche Bazzar, The place is bustling with people here for market day. We managed to get here yesterday without any drama. Chris, Candace, Lakpa and myself even managed to fit in quick rock climbing in Monjo yesterday.Lukla flight went well, we managed to get all of us including 31 pieces of luggage in to Lukla on a same day. We shared the first night with 27 people from Himex group at Monjo guesthouse.

Hotel Tibet, Kathmandu

Last day in Kathmandu. It's been hectic few days in Kathmandu. Raul, Allan and I am enjoying our evening coffee at the gargen of Hotel Tibet.

Himalayan Ascent Everest 2011

Welcome to Himalayan Ascent Everest 2011 blog page. Once again Himalayan Ascent will be guiding on Mt. Everest second time after successful season in 2010.

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