Lobuche East and EBC-Peter's blog

Our group of trekkers and climbers arrived in Nepal one week ago (last few days of March 2012).Our team has a mix of people from all over:

  • Chris (a tall blonde Swiss man, keen photographer and rock climber)
  • Anna (an attractive Swedish woman who is the best dressed and cleanest trekker I’ve met)
  • Will (who claims to be a PhD molecular biologist from the US – but we all suspect that he is in training with Israel’s Mossad)
  • Erika (a kayaking graphic designer who lives in SYDNEY – NOT the Central Coast!!!)
  • Mario (Erica’s dad, avid mountaineer and rock climber with great stories about Antarctica)
  • Sumit (our experienced leader, quick witted, and if it were not for Anna, probably the most stylish climber in the mountains – even French climbers don’t wear a beret)
  • Sabita (old friend from Sydney who moved back to Kathmandu a year ago where she met and married Sumit. Also a keen mountain climber, she laughs a lot at things that are really not that funny – but that’s OK)
  • Lakpa Sherpa (tall, friendly, and always wearing jeans and a white beanie)
  • Lakpa Sherpa (much shorter than the other Lakpa, ace climber/mountaineer and always smiling!)
  • Dendi Sherpa (taller than both the Lakpas when stacked on top of one another! Another strong climber who despite having summited Mt. Everest 5 times – still seems happy to walk at our normal human pace)
  • Lexi (shorter than the shortest Lakpa, but strong, flexible and a wicked rock climber)
  • Pasang Chutti (she lives in Monjo in the lower Khumbu valley and is warming up for Mt Everest. She seems at home in the mountains and her advice on how to thaw frozen fingers is much appreciated).
  • And finally Pete (That’s me. A regular guy from Sydney who enjoys getting out for a walk now and again.)