Himalayan Ascent

Himalayan Ascent

We are adventurers. We are defiantly curious. We keep looking, until the world looks back. While others dream, we do. While others look, we leap. We do not fear. Because we have one spin on Earth. And we refuse to spin in place.

Amadablam Expedition 2013 9.30AM

The first Amadablam expedition team have just arrived in Lukla under blue skies with no winds, a perfect day to fly to Lukla. Sumit is leading this first team, which includes Mark Ayrey (New Zealand), Allan Cohrs (Australia, on his second summit of the mountain), Michael Hansen (Australia), Raul Helander (Sweden) and Jack Scott (Australia). Cara Jacobson (USA) is trekking with the team to Ama dablam base camp before exploring the rest of the Khumbu with Deepak. They are reorganising loads in Lukla and will soon begin the trek to Monjo.

Speed hike to Namche 7PM

The team started off early today, keen to hit the trails and the big hike up to Namche. About half way up, they were rewarded by clear views of Everest!! However, the views and great weather did not distract and slow them down... by 10.30am they were drinking Illy coffee at Cafe 8848 in Namche! Their cracking good 2.5 hr time to Namche is almost Sherpa time.

Expecting storm 10AM

The weather has been brilliantly sunny till now, as Nepal including the Khumbu await a deluge of rain and snow from Cyclone Phailin as it moves inland into India. To avoid walking through the expected snowfall, the team are speedily hiking to Ama Dablam base camp at this moment to reach there by lunch time.

Yesterday they left Namche for Debouche, and along the way spent a pleasant afternoon enjoying festivities of a 5 day puja at Tengboche monastery.

Winter wonderland at base camp 2PM

For the last 48 hr, more than 1.5m of snow has fallen at base camp leaving it looking like a winter wonderland in autumn. The team are hunkered down at camp, fueling up and enjoying a heated tent.

Puja at base camp 8AM

The Pangbouche lama has arrived at base camp to conduct our puja for the season on Ama Dablam. Finally the weather has cleared for us to move ahead with the climbing schedule, which is now slightly delayed due to the previous days of snow.

Pushed past the snow to 5600m 4PM

The team are settling back at base camp after spending the day hiking up close to Camp 1 (5600m). The glare off the snow has left everyone looking very tanned and feeling too warm climbing.

Team A at Camp 1 5PM

Trudging through snow, it was a hot slough to Camp 1 today for our Team A, which now consists of Allan, Mark, Michael, Raul, Stephen and Sumit. Pemba the camp cook also made the climb to support the climbers.

Yesterday, Jangbu and Chirring, checked the new ropes set by another team up to the Yellow Tower. That expedition managed to set the route to Camp 2, however, due to the storm no new ropes have been set past Camp 2. This means our guides have a bit of work ahead of them to finish the rope setting for coming expeditions.

Good rotation to Camp 2 5PM

Speedy Angkaji and Dendi went up from base camp this morning to set up Camp 2. Following them was the team, who had a good rotation to Camp 2 today. Without any crowds, they reached there in good time.

Team B acclimatising at Camp 4PM

Allan, Mark, Michael, Raul, Stephen and Sumit dropped back to base camp today to make room for our Team B of Jack, Noel, Tom and new arrival Kate McGuiness (Australia) to have their go acclimatising at 5800m, Camp 1. Jack and group will return back to base camp tomorrow.

Team A on summit push 8PM

It's happening for Team A! Allan, Mark, Michael, Raul and Stephen are currently at Camp 1 on their climb up to the summit. Jangbu is part of the fixing team and led the route to Camp 2.7 today.

However, the conditions aren't too great for the final summit ridge climb. There is still too much snow on the ridge after Cyclone Phailin, in addition to some recent fresh snow. Whether the fixing team will be able to complete the route tomorrow is uncertain.

Summit attempt aborted 5PM

Everyone is back at base camp today. Unfortunately, the snow conditions prevented the fixing team from completing the route to the summit. The risk of avalanche is still too high. To protect our climbers and guides, we've pulled everyone off the mountain to await better snow and wind conditions.

Waiting for the lines and weather 8AM

The fixing team will attempt to finish the route today. This is the last window before a few days of high winds. However, the team's progress will again depend on the snow conditions up there. Base camp is still covered in snow...the summit route, even more so.

Team A of Allan, Mark, Michael, Raul and Stephen are ending their expedition and will trek to Namche today with Angkaji, Gyalgen, Malcolm, Sharon and Sumit. Everyone is looking forward to the luxuries of Namche (i.e. Illy cappuccinos).