Back at BC, last rotation done 1PM

We left Camp 3 early this morning and we enjoyed the delights of Anil's cooking (at 6600m!) back in Camp 2. After breakfast, we climbed back down and now everyone is back at base camp. That's it, the final rotation is DONE! And now we rest and wait.

Wait for the Sherpas to fix the lines from Camp 3 to Camp 4 (South Col for Everest, and further up the Lhotse face for Lhotse), wait for our good Sherpa guides to set up camp with oxygen, and then we wait for the weather window.

Lately, the weather has been good. It's been clear skies, little snow and the wind has been mostly moderate to low. The wait may be another week.

In the meantime, we'll head down to lower altitudes ~Pangboche to rest and rest, with excited anticipation.